Start accumulating wealth using your rent

Access to home ownership

When you live in a TOBYpro property, we use your rent to buy equity in the home.

It's people helping people

Ethical investing enables sustainable growth in the property market that benefits all.

Open and transparent

We openly disclose exactly how your funds are used, so there are no suprises now, or in the future.


TOBYpro uses the latest software technology to decentralise property ownership in a global market.

Tailored plans

Buy back faster - slower, it's about how much you can afford.

Flexible housing

Live in a variety of homes without disrupting your wealth.

24/7 Access

You can track and monitor your equity accumulation at anytime!

Outgoings budget

Rates, Insurance and repairs are planned & covered for you.

Annual valuation

Properties valued every 12 months so you know your net wealth.

Lump sum deposits

No penalties if you buy-back faster than expected.


Find out how much better off you would be with TOBYpro